• [Book] Product Innovation in Sustainability-Oriented New Ventures

    The briefing for this PhD by Duygu Keskin was a simple one. Translate the existing thesis text into a clear and legible book design, without mumbo jumbo. For this book I did not only redesign the cover and text, but created a style for all figures and recreated them all to match the overall book design.
  • [Book] High Lonesome Below Sealevel

    Cultural scholar Loes van Schaijk and Photographer Marieke Odekerken created the beautiful content for 'The High Lonesome Below Sealevel', a book about bluegrass in the Netherlands. AU REVOIR did all the design for this book. We had the opportunity to join this project at the very beginning, so we had the chance to not only 'make it pretty' but add to the overal concept of the book. This felt as a true collaborative project between Alicia, Loes, Marieke and me. And as a result we're really proud of what came out.  
  • [Identity] Elisabeth Moulen

    Elisabeth is an out of the box thinking life coach. When she knocked at our door, she was fed up with all of the previous six (!!!) visual identities she used in her coaching career. Mainly because they all had a 'new agey' feeling to them that didn't represent her way of working.
    This down to earth life coach, mostly working with serious business men and inspired by timelines and mountains, needed a different approach in life. We designed a logo that isn't really a logo but the start of a new line. Because of her versatility and her urge to change everything all the time, we designed an identity that is always changing. For example: she now has four different business cards (that she even uses in her coaching lessons to depict different stages in someones life).
    Made with Alicia Bretón Ferrer as AU REVOIR.
  • [Identity] AU REVOIR

    For our own visual identity we wanted to show a certain juxtaposition that is ever present in our other work. We wanted to find a way to create a visual identity that is both luxurious, minimalistic, modernistic and which even incorporates the ever present fun that's visible in what we make. We believe that this juxtaposition helps create original design without pretence.Our company name 'AU REVOIR' (French, literally, till seeing again) immediately sends you to a place where you drink a nice coffee and eat fresh toast. A luxurious feeling we wanted to enhance by the usage of gold (yes, it's really gold) in the designs, while at the same time contradicting it in the coarseness of the bold capital spacing of our name.
    It's part of our philosophy that we never sell our customer something he or she doesn't need. We'd rather help them figuring out how to be as effective as possible in their communication. In our own visual identity we stick to that philosphy as close as possible. For example: - The straight black A4 paper has a function as a background for presentations, letters, etcetera. - The small white compliments card is used to write down appointments, or ideas. It's used to write small 'thank you's' and other personal messages. It's even a price tag / brand label for when one of our designs is for sale somewhere.
    Made together with Alicia Bretón Ferrer as AU REVOIR.
  • [Record Sleeve] Sweet Release of Death – Bulb

    We made the debut album cover for The Sweet Release of Death 'Bulb'. For the design we went back to our shared origins with the band. Their (and our) youth was formed by our hometown Spijkenisse, a city near Rotterdam surrounded by chemical factories. Our parents always said the same ominous sentence: "If 'something' goes wrong, we're doomed" Spijkenisse, an island surrounded by these factories and water only has two exits to the rest of the country. Two bridges that never have the capacity to bring even a small part of the Spijkenisse population to safety in the feared apocalyptic future where for whatever reason a chemical disaster would take place. The albumcover is a comment to this fear, with an orange gas cloud as icon on the front (which is a reference to that one wednesday afternoon we all got trapped in school, because a chemical orange cloud hovered above Spijkenisse). An innersleeve where the orange sky is combined with the factory landscape of Spijkenisse. The cover is a nihilistic glorification of the city combined with a minimalistic in-your-face-let's-put-it-all-on-the-front-typography. This record sleeve was made together with Alicia Bretón Ferrer as AU REVOIR.
  • Logos 2011-2013

    A small selection of logo's and small illustrations that I've made over the past few years. /// The works you see here: Magic Rabbit [Commissioned] | Penguin Popsicle [Free work] | Rails Girls Rotterdam [Commissioned] | Whale [Free work] | GMKA [Commissioned] | Startup Picks [Commissioned] | Jobs On Rails [Commissioned] | Vienna.RB [Commissioned]
  • Typography 2011-2013

    A selection of custom typography.
  • Clothing 2011-2013

    I like to design shirts / sweaters / tote bags / etcetera. Mostly as free work, sometimes as part of a commission.  //////  The works you see here and their respective co-designers: Ludo Sweater [Daanie v/d IJssel] | Duiven&Duiven shirt [Robbert Goverts] | Rails Girls Rotterdam | Yay Dansen! | Rails Girls the Hague | SROD [Alicia Breton Ferrer] | Whalebag  //////  Pictures: Alicia Breton Ferrer | Model: Annemiek Gouwen